“Use of SMD Screens as Backdrops in Various Settings “

Full SMD screen as Backdrop

There are several options available for using SMD screens as backdrops. The most common and straightforward approach is to set up an SMD screen as the backdrop. For indoor events at a small to medium scale, a popular choice is a 20×10 feet SMD screen. this size is enough for 300 to 500 people sitting.

10×20 SMD screens in center and 10×10 SMD screens on both sides.

The second most frequently used stage backdrop configuration involves a large central screen flanked by two smaller screens on either side. This arrangement is typically utilized for larger events where live feeds need to be displayed alongside presentations or when additional branding is desired. Such a setup comfortably accommodates seating for 500 to 1000 people.

SMD screen

10×20 SMD screen in mid and 2 digital standees on both side.

A commonly used stage setup involves a 10×20 SMD screen placed in the center and two digital standees positioned on both sides. The purpose of this configuration is to provide additional branding opportunities on the stage, particularly for sponsors. Typically, a 10×20 screen is placed in the middle, accompanied by two 4×10 digital standees on each side.

SMD screen in center and printed backdrop on both side .

This format is also well-known and widely used. It is preferred when the customer wants minimal screening on stage. Normally we used 10×20 screen in mid and 10×10 feet printed backdrop on both sides.

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Big backdrop in center and SMD screens on both side

This stage backdrop setup is also quite popular, featuring a printed backdrop in the center with SMD screens on both sides. The typical dimensions for the center backdrop are 10×20 feet, while the side SMD screens measure 10×10 feet each.

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